Radio spot // ÖAMTC assitance booklet “Keep on moving”

We are on the road a lot, at work, on vacation, in nature. No matter how we travel, if something happens to us, the ÖAMTC takes care of everything and protects us from high costs. Whether we have an accident, become seriously ill or our car breaks down, the ÖAMTC is always…

Radio spot // ÖAMTC membership “Keep on moving”

We are all always on the move, on foot, by bike, motorbike or car. No matter how we are traveling, if we have a breakdown, the club gets us going again and advises us on all mobility-related topics – so that we always keep moving.

Radio spot // BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé “Inspiring”

The new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé catches your eye, gets your pulse racing and inspires you every second. In the radio spot, this driving pleasure was implemented with a dramatic sound design, driving music and the distinctive voice of actor Rene Oltmanns.

BMW // radio spot “FAQ”

Electromobility raises many questions among German drivers: how far can I get, where can I charge up on the way, which model suits me, and much more? BMW has the answers. At the Electromobility Day 2020 at the BMW partner.

Neuhof Schulen // Radio spot “Info evening”

There is a place called “School”. Where people don’t just talk about “curves”. Where there are “strong connections” not only in chemistry … that can only be a private school: Neuhof Schulen.

Lichtenauer // Radio spot “Lichtblick 217”

That’s refreshing when you have a completely unexpected offspring! At Lichtenauer Mineralwasser, the new variety “Favorite Fruit Rhubarb” sees the light of day, and connoisseurs can win rhubarb seedlings for the garden in the summer promotion – a real ray of hope

Lupse & Lupse // Radio spot “Genesis”

“In seven days he created the world.” Lupse & Lupse cannot promise that, but they can renovate your property quickly and inexpensively and create your new paradise. From a master hand, with all trades at a fixed price.