Radio spot // MINI Countryman “More MINI is not possible!”

More MINI is not possible! – The new MINI Countryman!

MINI Germany’s radio campaign, which will be echoing across the country in the first two weeks of July, is all about the generous amount of space in the new MINI Countryman. Join an enthusiastic family on their ride as they discover the spacious interior, the cool MINI design and the legendary go-kart feeling. Mother, father, kids, dog, luggage, bikes, lifestyle – there’s room for everything! Because the MINI Countryman is more than just a car – it is an attitude to life full of joy, love and a thirst for adventure – BIG LOVE!

Concept and production come from us, just GmbH from Munich. Immerse yourself in the world of the new MINI Countryman and let the energy and enthusiasm infect you!

Behind the scenes - MINI BIG LOVE DAY