Lafer & Friends - Der Genusspodcast

Episode 3 – Johann Lafer in conversation with Jutta Speidel

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In the third episode of his podcast, Johann Lafer welcomes the actress and author Jutta Speidel as a guest speaker, known from films such as “Doppelgängerin” and “Club der lonely Herzen” as well as TV productions such as “Forsthaus Falkenau”, “All My Daughters” and “Um Heaven’s sake”.
Jutta Speidel (born March 26, 1954 in Munich) is an actress, author, audio book, radio play and dubbing actress.

Awards (selection)
  • Bavarian State Medal for Social Merit
  • Federal Cross of Merit
  • Bavarian TV Award
  • Bavarian constitutional medal in silver
  • Bavarian Order of Merit
  • Medal for special services to Bavaria in a united Europe
  • Awarded honorary citizenship in Munich

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