Explainer videos sell products and services

Explanatory videos sell your products and services - Around the clock!

Explainer videos can help any company to sell products and services quickly, easily and cost-effectively around the clock. Watch our explainer video here and learn how Hans uses explainer videos to sell his products.

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Explainer videos can help any company to sell products and services quickly, easily and cost-effectively around the clock. Watch our explainer video here and learn how Hans uses explainer videos to sell his products.

The advantages of an explanatory video in a nutshell.

always available

An explanatory video is like a sales representative who is always there for you and works all around the clock - 7 days a week. He never gets sick and never takes a vacation.

always usable

Once created, you can use your explanatory video as often and as long as you want or you can sell your products and services - it's worth it in many ways.

more and more profitable

The more people see your explainer video, the more new customer inquiries you can receive. With every new customer, your explanatory film becomes more profitable.

What added value does an explanatory video from just offer?

An explanatory video not only helps you and your company to explain a complicated product in an understandable way. It also explains the problems that your products or your services solve. Such a short film is therefore ideally suited to making it easier for a potential new customer to decide to contact you. Your new customer is already informed in advance about your company and the added value that you offer.

In the end, it’s all about answering the prospect’s open questions, agreeing on the price and making the customer happy. The entire previous sales effort is thus reduced to a minimum.

That's what customers say who have implemented their explanatory video with just.

What does an explainer video contain?

In principle, any product, service or company value can be explained in an explanatory video. Don’t think about what you want to sell, but put on the “customer’s glasses” and work out exactly what your customers really need to make their business better.

Here it is always advisable to tell a creative, entertaining and exciting story in which your potential new customers can identify themselves.

Show the customer’s problem in a friendly way and offer him your unique solution in your explanatory video. This can happen in a single film, or in a series of explainer videos that reflect your portfolio.

How best to implement this is best discussed in a free creative discussion with you and your team – in a telephone call or online meeting.

What types of explanatory videos are there?

There are different types of films in different lengths. However, it is important to know that an explanatory film from just is always tailored to your wishes, your budget and your goals. Here are just a few types of explainer videos:

… everything is possible. Our drawn explanatory videos are first created on white paper. This ensures authenticity, the highest quality and a perfect impression on your customers.

A high-quality explanatory video is recommended amongst clients and colleagues!

You offer great and unique solutions with your services, your products and your company. With an explanatory video, hand made by just, you can now present this to your new and existing customers around the clock, in all languages and at any time of the day or night.

These will not only feel taken seriously. Your potential customers suddenly discover a solution to their problem in a very charming way. This often leads to your film being recommended to friends, acquaintances and partner companies. So it can happen that your little film suddenly reaches many more people, entrepreneurs and new customers than you previously dreamed of.

Explanatory videos from our customers

Here you will find a selection of various explanatory videos that we have realized for our customers. Let yourself be inspired. Your product or service can also be transported to the customer with an explanatory video.

explanatory film

internetumsatz.de // explanatory film “Manni”

This funny explanatory film was produced for Intnernetverkauf.de, a digital agency that helps its customers to promote their business on the Internet. In it, the resourceful entrepreneur “Manni” starts his sales rocket with Internetverkauf.de – thanks to a partner program tailored to his needs.

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explanatory film

Hauff-Technik GRIDCOM // Explanatory film “Whisper PoP”

Due to the increasing fiber optic network expansion due to digitization, more and more active technology is being installed in outdoor distribution cabinets. But this produces a lot of waste heat. In addition, there is increased solar radiation due to climate change. If the case is not actively cooled, there is a risk of sensitive system failures. Hauff-Technik GRIDCOM is the only provider worldwide to have the solution…

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explanatory film

Siemens // Explanatory video “Amelie”

Software development is pure innovation and large software projects are highly complex. With AMELIE, the Architecture Management Enabler for leading industrial softwarE, Siemens Corporate Technology offers an ecosystem of methods, tools and best practices for architecture management to provide its customers with the software systems of the future.

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