ELEVION // Corporate Movie “Wild Geese

Wild geese. They are persistent, diligent and loyal. And: They are team players by nature. They are also masters in efficiency and energy saving. To cover incredibly long distances, they form a V formation and fly in each other’s updrafts….

Langmatz // Image film “We make ideas fly”.

Some things are best done by yourself. When it comes down to millimeters, when every move has to be perfect, when every detail has to be meticulously planned, when the highest precision is required, the Langmatz company from Garmisch-Partenkirchen leaves that to no one but itself…

BIG Toy Factory // BIG Bobby Car Image Film

The presenter Mark Schepp, known from children’s television, takes us on a tour of discovery through the BIG toy factory. With Mark we look behind the scenes at BIG and get to know friendly employees. In the new BIG image film by just we learn…

NürnbergMesse // Image film “Stone+Tec”

As an international trade fair, Stone+tec is the top meeting place for all specialists from the stone industry. In the visitor film, we accompany five charismatic representatives of the stonemasonry industry at work. In beautiful impressions we show the diversity of the topics material, machines and surface treatment.

E-Control // Image film “WFER VIII”

Energie-Control Austria is applying to host the 8th World Forum on Energy Regulation 2021 (WFER VIII) in Vienna. A typical Viennese Fiaker guides us through the film on his carriage and shows us the unique charm of Vienna and Austria as a green region in the truest sense of the word. The film was shot with the cab driver Wolfgang Fasching in Vienna. Archive film research, production and post-production was done by just.

MAN Lions Coach // Image film “In the sign of the lion”

With its timeless design language and balanced proportions, the MAN Lion’s Coach brings self-confidence and presence to the road. Its striking front is all about the lion. The film was shot at the Jesenwang airfield. With the help of our elaborate post-production, we send the bus on a journey through Europe.

MAN Lions Intercity // Image film “Father & Son”

With the new MAN Lion’s Intercity standard bus, MAN is setting standards in terms of comfort, safety and economy. We experience the advantages of this intercity bus in an emotional, likeable father-son story.
It was shot in the Ammersee region and in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps.

IFAT // Image film “What if”

People from all over the world are asking urgent questions about the environment, resources and recycling: “What if … at any time, there were enough drinking water?” IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair, provides the answers to the global environmental issues of our time. The song “What if?” produced by just, which is offered by Messe München as a free download, provides for emotions.