ÖAMTC // TVC protection letter “Keep on moving”

We are on the road a lot, at work, on vacation, in nature. No matter how we travel, if something happens to us, the ÖAMTC takes care of everything and protects us from high costs. Whether we have an accident, become seriously ill or our car breaks down, the ÖAMTC is always…

Goldsteig // TVC “Protinella”

Under the campaign motto “Power Up your Life”, Käserei Goldsteig is launching the new protein-rich cheese snack “Protinella” for sporty connoisseurs.

ÖAMTC // TVC “Two Worlds”

The ÖAMTC emergency aid stands for the most modern infrastructure and special human warmth towards the member. We combine these two worlds into a dynamic image composition.

OnlineCasino // TVC “The Moment”

With the iconic ratcheting of the slot machine and the sound of rotating reels, the “OnlineCasino Deutschland” brand is getting a new face: VIKTORIA. She takes us on a journey through the exciting world of online games. The film was shot in the Bavaria Studios in Munich. Production and post-production incl. VFX editing was taken care of by just.

Vedes // TVC “Flat Noses”

You’re floored, what all there is in the Vedes toy shop. Accordingly, our children press their noses flat at the Vedes shop window. It was shot in the Vedes showroom in Nuremberg. In addition, footage of Lego was included in the middle part of the spot.

ÖAMTC // TVC “We are ready”

A dramatic mountain rescue, a car accident abroad, a serious illness on holiday – the ÖAMTC is ready to help its members – around the clock, all year round. This action-packed vignette film was shot at Vienna Schwechat Airport, on the Hohe Wand in Lower Austria and at Siegerland Airport, Burbach.

Sanosan // TVC “United Babies”

Experts from all over the world trust Sanosan – baby care made in Germany. Who would have more expertise than Babies themselves. A funny gang of little rascals from different ethnic groups crawls after a globe of water polo in the studio, a sympathetic allusion to Sanosan’s market leadership in the regions of China and Russia Production in Munich. In 2017 the packshot was updated.

Vedes // TVC “Carrera RC Sand Rider”

Vedes celebrates its 110th anniversary with exclusive special offers. Like the Carrera RC Sand Rider from Stadlbauer. With servotronic, wheely function and everything that makes the hearts of young and old boys beat faster! The film was shot with a lot of special effects in the Eisbach Studios in Munich.