Hauff-Technik GRIDCOM // Explanatory film “Whisper PoP”

Due to the increasing fiber optic network expansion due to digitization, more and more active technology is being installed in outdoor distribution cabinets. But this produces a lot of waste heat. In addition, there is increased solar radiation due to climate change. If the case is not actively cooled, there is a risk of sensitive system failures. Hauff-Technik GRIDCOM is the only provider worldwide to have the solution…

Selecdoo // Explanatory film “Horst the hotelier”

For selecdoo, a direct booking platform for hotels, he conceived and produced this funny explanatory film that stirred up the hotel industry.
Horst, a clever hotelier, no longer wants to make himself the horst of tour operators and large travel agencies. With Selecdoo, he regains his bookings and customer data. just staged Horst’s “journey” with hand-drawn, animated illustrations, funny sound effects and music.

internetumsatz.de // explanatory film “Manni”

This funny explanatory film was produced for Intnernetverkauf.de, a digital agency that helps its customers to promote their business on the Internet. In it, the resourceful entrepreneur “Manni” starts his sales rocket with Internetverkauf.de – thanks to a partner program tailored to his needs.

Langmatz // Explanatory video “Technic Box”

Technology compactly packed. A 3D animation is used to illustrate the new telecommunications distribution frame with active Streamtec thermal management from Langmatz. The 3D image film is used internationally for company presentations, at trade fairs, in sales and online.

Siemens // Explanatory video “Amelie”

Software development is pure innovation and large software projects are highly complex. With AMELIE, the Architecture Management Enabler for leading industrial softwarE, Siemens Corporate Technology offers an ecosystem of methods, tools and best practices for architecture management to provide its customers with the software systems of the future.