Social media spot // Basler Versicherungen // “Own tactics”

Just GmbH produced a campaign with soccer legend Mario Basler in the studio for Basler Versicherungen, which will be published gradually from July 2020 until the end of the year.
The Munich agency Ziel is responsible for the creation. The core values of Basler Versicherungen are communicated in a crisp and humorous way through Mario’s typical sayings: correct, fast, simple – just like Mario likes to shoot.
For this purpose, Mario Basler staged in a film studio set, where he played out his gags and finally the film crew in a funny way. The film was shot by just GmbH in the Screencraft Entertainment Studio in Munich, Unterföhring. Post production was done in-house.

More background information at HORIZONT and W&V

Behind the scenes // social media spot Mario Basler

Alpgäuer // Cinema advertising “More Allgäu doesn’t fit in any cheese”

The Stegmann cheese dairy relies on authenticity for its new “Alpgäuer” brand. We accompany a mountain farmer and her family through their day and experience their fulfilled work and love for animals and nature until they finally enjoy their well-deserved snack in the evening sun. It was shot in the area of Oberstdorf im Allgäu. Production, post-production and music composition were done by just.

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